Body Buff Exfoliation

This gentle but effective full body scrub followed by massage oil to hydrate, elasticise and nourish your skin. 50 minutes $55

Swedish Massage~  

The benefits of swedish massage include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation decreased stress and muscle tension, and improves range of motion.

60 min. $75

80 min. $95

Back Facial All skin types

Designed for the delicate area just outside of your reach. This relaxing back facial includes deep cleansing to remove oils and impurities, gentle extractions, and a soothing specialization treatment mask to unveil the radiant skin on your back and shoulders. 50minutes $90

Benefits of Massage

*Relieves stress and tension  **Relieve mental and physical fatigue

*Relieve muscular spasms and stiff joints  **Relieve pain caused by strained muscle 

*Relieve or prevent soreness from overexertion  **Relieve headache, eyestrain and insomnia

*Improve circulation and skin tone  **Improves lymphatic circulation and immune function

Sun FX Spray Tan

organic and chemical free

Airbrush full body $45

*Takes 5 minutes

*Before tanning remember to use a body polish prior to application.

*Wear loose clothing 

 *After tanning do not wet your skin for two hours to allow your Tan to dry